CoolerMaster MasterPulse MH750, RGB LED, virtuellt 7.1 surround, USB

Cooler Master MH-750

The MasterPulse MH750 Gaming Headset is a fully-loaded headset for full audio immersion. Features virtual 7.1 surround sound to escape reality, 44mm drivers for clarity, and an onboard sound card for superior audio processing power. And don't forget some patented Bass FX technology for an on-the-fly solution to adjusting your audio settings.

Bass FX is an exclusive, on-the-fly hardware solution to audio adjustment. Remove your side panels to amplify your bass for more explosive games - equally appropriate for those badass "walk away from explosions" moments. Keep 'em on if victory is assured by more subtle sounds, like the sound of an invisible hacker infiltrating your ranks. It's so good, it's almost like cheating.

Make your head look like it’s part of an insane outdoor rave with RGB capability on the earcups. Adjust the obnoxious lightshow with a simple press of a button on the in­line remote. Or, y’know, you can just turn it off.

The MasterPulse MH750 packs some serious power in a modest, lightweight package. The lightweight, aluminum frame prevents those headphone headaches, and five individual cushions provide all­around comfort for your huge head, all while maximizing the potential to mess up your hair. Extra padded ear cups provide a high level of comfort for those long matches, while also offering a proper seal to prevent hearing the crushing reality of the outside world.

The MasterPulse MH750 is outfitted with gaming grade hardware to ensure an unrivaled sense of audio immersion. The 44mm audio driver give you sound quality that you can describe like fine wine: rich mids, robust lows, and tannic highs. Virtual 7.1 surround sound allows you to hear everything around you except for the sad reality of true life. An onboard sound card takes care of all this, ensuring that the only thing your PC has to worry about is keeping your fps high and your latency low.

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TillverkareCooler Master
Tillverkarens artikelnummerMH-750